Architektur als Social Design

Chloroplast Stuttgart

2018 | Stuttgart – Weilimdorf | Deutschland


ILPÖ – Institut für Landschaftsplanung und Ökologie

Uni Stuttgart, Vertr.-Prof. Jan Dieterle

Projektverantwortliche: Sarah Zwink

Projektleiter: M.A. Architekt Aaron Schirrmann

Helfer: Mitglieder von Chloroplast Stuttgart e.V.


Chloroplast Stuttgart e.V. is a noncommercial association in Stuttgart, that changed a former seed store in Weilimdorf into a Urban Gardening Areal and furthermore developed a social center that integrates social aspects, where creative ideas can come to life and cultural events can take place.
In the beginning of our research about the area, we noticed that there is more potential to strengthen the position of Chloroplast.


As the Chloroplast-area owns some diverse buildings, sheds and green houses that are all widespread around the zone we developed a system of orientation that leads through the terrain and offers different informations for people who want to take a closer look.
One important thing was to create an overall-view from the site, the siteplan, in which the most important locations are highlighted. Part of it are the Kräuterspirale (herb spiral), the Hochbeete (plant beds) or the green house with the Aqua- und Wurmterraponik (Aqua- and Wormterraponic). We produced texts for the information points together with members of Chloroplast e.V.
and carried it into one layout.
In a parallel step, we created CAD-drawings for signs, that were lasered out of steel and delivered to the site of Chloroplast. In a building workshop in the beginning of September, the single peaces were welded together and to give them the importance of a signal, they got colored in yellow. The next step is to bring on the printed foil onto the steel signs.


Mobile Kitchen
Another project is the mobile kitchen, a ridable kitchen to be able to cook directly on the area at different places. Therefor, a compact kitchen on wheels was designed that is equipped with a stove, a sink, a water supply with a little tank and a couple of crockery and pans.
A generous workplate on top invites to prepare dishes.


Eco Water Station
To collect more rainwater for pouring the plants, a eco water station is planned. Big tanks can catch the rain water that is naturally coming down from the shape of the roof. One tank can collect up to 1000l of water.
You will find more information about Chloroplast Stuttgart e.V. on facebook.