Architektur als Social Design

Adapter – for living space with temporary vacancy



2018, Stuttgart

Städtebauinstitut, Prof. Dr. Baum

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Projektteam: Elif Kälberer, Christiana Weiß, Verena Vollath, Richard Königsdorfer, Paul Vogt


How do we want to live in our city? And where can we find space for creativity and self-realization?


ADAPTER is a Co-housing project, that is seeking answers to these questions. The project aims at using temporary vacant commercial buildings in order to enable affordable housing on a temporary basis. While creating much needed living space in the city, the project is also addressing the complex social dimensions of housing and is exploring new solutions on how to live in the city. By the means of active involvement of residents, owners of vacant buildings, neighbours, and the city administration, concepts for reactivating vacant buildings and to liven up the neighbourhood are developed. The goal of the project is to enable all citizens to take an active role in planning and designing our common city.


Even in tight housing markets such as Stuttgart there are plenty of unused buildings, temporary vacant for a stretch of 3 to 5 years because of economic change and the dynamics of city development. Just though short research we have found more than 120.000 m2 of such vacant space. In order to activate this potential, ADAPTER brings together potential residents, property owners as well as the city administration to negotiate a contract for the use of a building, that benefits all parties involved.


To realize the redesign of the spaces and make them suitable for living, ADAPTER developed a modular building system, that allows an easy and quick set up as well as dismantling and can be handled by the residents themselves. From these thus activated spaces do not only the residents but also the neighbourhood Not only the residents benefit from these living spaces, but also the neighbourhood can profit from opportunities to realize creative spaces in theses buildings. In June of 2018, this concept was already tested in a vacant store room in the inner city of Stuttgart. Right now the ADAPTER team is enthusiastically striving to realize the concept also in a larger scale.




More information: ; facebook: Adapter Stuttgart.