Architektur als Social Design

Alcanzando un Sueno


2009 – Chile

Institut für Raumkonzeptionen und Grundlagen des Entwerfens
Prof. Markus Allmann
Diploma Thesis of Agnes Dransfeld and Antonella Pasquale


Alcanzando un Sueño – a dream comes true


With our thesis, we wanted to attack the most basic of all architectural challenges: To provide a roof for those who do not have one. For German students it is necessary and natural to have a protecting and functional living space. We wanted to make a contribution for the millions of people on this earth who do not count with that.


In Chile today there are still living over 30.000 Families in informal settlements, so called campamentos. These people live on illegally taken ground, normally without water, electricity and wastewater connection. About ten years ago, the Chilean Government created a new and progressive social housing programme to give these people a real home.


Our challenge was to design for our fictitious clients, people who are living in a campamento a settlement with 150 housing units according to the governmental social housing programme. Our thesis is a proposition about how to design housing space for people who will live in a legal home for the first time in their life and about how we can implement their needs and wishes in a realistic way. The thesis is composed of an information and analysis part and the design part who includes urban design of the project and the housing units.