Architektur als Social Design

Botanical Stairs


2012 – Sardinia, Italy
Institut Grundlagen moderner Architektur und Entwerfen
Prof. Dr. phil. Gerd de Bruyn, Ferdinand Ludwig, Sergio Sanna
Summer School


The LandWorks Sardinia operative workshop is part of the international Festival of Ephemeral artistic installations, created by Prof. Stefan Tischer, Director of the MMLU@AA Master in Mediterranean Landscape Architecture in collaboration with Annacaterina Piras and Paola Serrittu.


The project promotes site specific experimentation with artistic installations in western Sardinia. The focus is on the environmental, architectural and cultural development of the landscape, and in particular the sensitive, degraded, unstable landscape of the Geomineral Park UNESCO heritage site, inside the abandoned mining areas in the municipalities of Montevecchio, Ingurtosu, Naracauli and Monteponi.


In the last ten days of May 2012 more than sixty participants from four continents joined the workshop, alongside ten tutors and five project leaders. Ferdinand Ludwig conducted a Baubotanik workshop dealing with the growth of living plants and the decay of dead wood. An essay by Fausta Occhipinti in domus describes the spirit of the workshop: „Ferdinand Ludwig, his tutors, Sergio Sanna and Paola Riviezzo, and his students carefully probed all of the material stored in the unused site. They took note of shapes, sizes, possible constructive uses of the semi-finished products. The field office is very useful for making operational decision. The team starts the construction of a tower, built with beams and tracks decommissioned and stored on-site. The land could be foolhardy and enforces rules.“