Architektur als Social Design

BauRaum Afrika


2018 — Kapstadt, Südafrika

Institut für Baustofflehre, Bauphysik, Gebäudetechnologie und Entwerfen

Prof. Peter Schürmann

project managers:  Merle Hölter, Isabelle Oswald, Tamara Speil


In the townships near Cape Town in South Africa, people live in confined spaces and in poor conditions. For many children, the education ends after the kindergarten. Here, important foundations are created for the children. Promoting and supporting them was the initial motivation to start a project for this purpose.


The small kitchen construction project Bau_Raum_Afrika was implemented in a fortified township in Strand for the already existing Lekkerbekkies kindergarten. In advance, an exemplary kitchen building was planned as part of a free seminar at the ibbte, independent of a specific location, which was designed to function as self-sufficient as possible. The kindergarten itself was visited for the first time in February 2018. On the basis of the previously obtained knowledge and local conditions, appropriate plans were made. The focus was on the feasibility with limited financial and mechanical resources. In addition, great importance was attached on a building concept that uses natural resources and mechanisms to enhance thermal comfort.


In more detail, the rooms were advanced in cooperation with local experts for well-functioning processes. The annexe was implemented over a period of five weeks with the help of local craftsmen and within the limited financial resources. The students took care of the necessary work in advance, the construction management on site, as well as smaller manual tasks. At the beginning of April, the finished kitchen was inaugurated.



More information: facebook: Bau_Raum_Afrika, Instagram: Bau_Raum_Afrika