Architektur als Social Design

Centro Communal Lima



2018, Lima, Peru
Institut für Raumkonzeptionen und Grundlagen des Entwerfens, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Markus Allmann
Designproject with realization
IntuyLab, Proyecto Alto Peru, IRGE Universität Stuttgart
Moritz Berg, Leonie Ederer, Martin Feustel, Valerie Franck, Kristina Kolb, Susanne Pardo Spiess, Yannic Schröder, Jialing Wang, Eider Yarritu Inoriza, Marija Zivanovic, Mariana Zollino


We want to build the new community centre for the informal settlement Alto Perú (Lima, Perú). This new centre will accommodate much needed public facilities and will create a new central meeting point for the community. The building will activate the use of its surroundings and will provide the children with a safe place to learn and play.


But, how can an informal settlement be adapted in a sustainable manner into a city that grows at an incalculable rate? And how can the social aspect of architecture be integrated into this situation? These questions are essential to our design process and they constitute the basis of it. As future architects we see the big opportunity that this projects gives us by allowing us to contribute to the social layer of architecture by helping to improve the quality of life of those living in the community.


Due to the ongoing contact with our partners in Lima we have the opportunity for our project to be carefully integrated into a pre-existing social and urban grid. Moreover, it will strengthen the community through a simultaneous participatory process. Our goal is to design a building that meets the demands of the community in Alto Perú. In order to accomplish this, we attended a workshop in Lima during May of 2018 where we developed the concept for the general plans and uses of the community centre in cooperation with the neighbours: It will be a new place for the community, with a communal kitchen, a child care room and learning facilities. We studied the existing resources, as well as the local construction methods, and it made us start thinking about an innovative and sustainable approach to the architectural design.


We are working closely with two Lima-based partners: IntuyLab, an architects collective, and Proyecto Alto Perú, an NGO, both of which have been active in the neighbourhood for some years. Their goal is to improve the living conditions of those living in the community, and they do so by offering sports (surfing, muay thai) and psychoeducational programs for children and young people, as well as by helping to develop urban areas located around the settlement.
All interventions are part of a masterplan which they developed at the very beginning. The new Community Centre is planned in a public park area representing the next important component for Alto Peru. The building strengthens the identity of the settlement and activats the park as well as the new square by its concept of uses.




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