Architektur als Social Design



Now – Kairo, Ägypten
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Helmut Bott Dr. Eng. Manal El- Shahat

Students of the University of Stuttgart


Building Hope in informal Cairo


EZBET Abu-Qarn is an informal settlement (“slum”) in the heart of old Cairo. It is located directly behind the oldest mosque in Africa.
Like many informal settlements, this neighbourhood has to deal with profound problems: poverty, a need for proper infrastructure, poor hygienic conditions and a lack of participatory possibilities for its inhabitants. These problems are connected to the lack of education and the resulting high unemployment.


The Egyptian NGO Alshanek Ya Balady (AYB) is helping the people of EZBET since 2004 with literacy programs and skill trainings but is lacking the proper place that can hold these activities. Thus in 2012 they approached the University Stuttgart and the Ain Shams University and together they brought the EZBET Project into live.


The goal of the Project is to build a community centre in EZBET and to educate its labour and students from Egypt and Germany along the way. The centre will be constructed, by the people of EZBET, students and experts from Egypt and Germany. It will be made out of locally produced natural materials and recycled goods and will function as a blueprint for future projects in a similar context.


Fotos: Jilan Hosni, Dr. Eng. Manal El- Shahat, Alshanek Ya Balady