Architektur als Social Design

HAP Grieshaber Vocational School



2017, Stuttgart 


Projektteam: Béné Jakel


The vocational school will initially cater for school leavers, young people from primary schools in Kajiado County, Kenya, who find it impossible to afford attending secondary schools.

At the heart of this vision is a curriculum which pedagogy emphasizes the role of imagination in learning, striving to integrate holistically the intellectual, practical, and artistic development of pupils. In addition it will provide knowledge, skills, competencies and values, enabling learners to develop to their full capacity, enhance the quality of their lives, able to make informed decisions and predisposed to engage in life-long learning.

To enable apprentices to move seamlessly from the education system into the world of work, with further academic, technical and vocational education adding value to what has been acquired through the education system.

Following crafts (i.a.) will be taught: hot glass, stained glass, dalle de verre; metal-working training; pottery; organic gardening; fine arts.
The construction project will be a joint effort between Kitengela Glass Research and Training Trust, the University of Stuttgart, University of Nairobi, Béné Jakel and the Maasai Community Olosokiroon. In preperation, the project will be planned meticulously and constantly rethought. Careful consideration for humans and the surrounding environment will always be taken in the planning process. Key aspects of this project will be:

/ a „vernacular“ use of materials and research to achieve architecture of low environmental impact.
/ development of building technologies that are socio-economically beneficial.
/ influences of achitecture to
education, personality-developmend and sensitisation.


Time schedule:
2017-2018 concept draft and research
2018-2019 architectural draft
2019 implementation of the construction project