Architektur als Social Design



2014 – Harare, Zimbabwe
Institut für öffentliche Bauten und Entwerfen
Prof. Arno Lederer
Diploma Thesis of Kristina Egbers


Education without borders – a school for Hopley


By purge of the government of Zimbabwe (2005), many homes have been systematically destroyed in the capital Harare. Around 25 000 people were resettled in the informal district Hopley. The only school consists of shelters made of clay bricks and makeshift structures.


A new school should be able to accommodate up to 1 000 pupil. In addition, it should also serve as a meeting place for the inhabitants in the evening after the school activities, such as a institution for parties and events. As a result, it is the center of the new district.


Specifically is the use of the materials. Burnt clay bricks form the main structure as arches. By the use of this construction expensive wood structures can substantially be minimized. Due to the brickwork the school becomes an identity-created building. Through the choice of materials the school adapts to the environment, but opens up new possibilities in the local construction method.