Architektur als Social Design



2014 – Kairo, Ägypten
Selina Ahmann, Emmanuel Dorsaz, Hisham El-Hitami


Matariyah is one of the many ghettos in Cairo currently undergoing a severe process of growing urban density. This results in the demolition of many old and beautiful houses to make way for gigantic concrete frame buildings.


Amidst this urban jungle of dirt roads, noisy motorised traffic and a colourful and vivid market life, a group of young architects, on behalf of an NGO called ‚Mayadin Al-Tahrir‘, built a cultural centre onto the roof of a 100 year old building.


Two things were essential in the construction of this centre: the usage of sustainable materials and cooperation with the local youth – this was to make sure the building would be adopted and well maintained after its completion. Meanwhile, the women and children of the neighbourhood use the cultural centre in order to educate themselves in creative, cultural and political matters.