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Recycling-awareness in Peru



2018, Lima, Peru – Stuttgart, Germany

2-day workshop and exhibition of the results in both cities. In addition, a 5-day plastic art installation workshop with Basurama Kollektiv (Spain) and students in the St. Maria Church, Stuttgart.

Team: Stuttgart: Dessire Velez Cadillo, Tobias Hahn, Grecia solis, Nathaly Castillo. Lima: Jonathan Lapel, Ursula Cockburn

Project leader : Dessire Velez Cadillo, Jonathan Lapel

Students :  Arturo Salazar, Timothy Fuller, Jani Hovan, HobbyHimmel e.V Team


On the 18th and 19th of May 2018, Comas and Stuttgart were synchronized in the framework of the parallel workshop “Responsible Recycling,” thanks to the support of the University of Stuttgart and the District Municipality of Comas.



This workshop has initiated the exchange of valuable experiences on solid waste management while taking into account two completely different contexts: Stuttgart (Germany) and Comas (Lima, Peru). The event was part of the participatory process of the pilot project “Centre for inclusive recycling and education in Comas”, in which is working.



In Stuttgart, there were approximately 20 participants including students, designers, and engineers from various branches. In Comas, there were approximately 90 people including workers from other municipalities, school teachers, environmental promoters, and neighbours.


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