Architektur als Social Design

Self-evidents of living


2016 – Stuttgart, Deutschland

Institut für Landschaftsplanung und Ökologie, Prof. Antje Stokman

Bachelorthesis of Johannes Klieber and Mike Schmidt


Germany has become a country of immigration. Now it’s our turn to integrate refugees in a sustained manner and to make them feel like they are part of society. Exiling them into outskirts, fenced-in and isolated from society, promotes conflicts as well as resentment and frustration of refugees. Fear and the urge to keep oneself apart grows on the part of the native population. Approaching each other, taking the anxiety of the unknown, is needed. The aim is to move refugees from peripheral refugee shelters to compartmentalized housing units in the city centre. This will provide an integrative environment at the core of society and take the pressure off refugee shelters located in peripheral areas.


However, it’s not just about housing space for refugees. This project creates affordable residential property in the centre of the city. But where do we find buildable space that is in alignment with the typology of this concept of integrated housing?


The majority of of inner yards, belonging to the typology of the common perimeter development, are not used as intended anymore. In fact, a lot of them are solely used for parking and storage, serving only the individual, not the society as such. With a sensible addition of small units into backyards, we provide a new and unique living space to an existing neighbourhood. In additional to this, we bring the forgotten and displaced qualities of a community living back to live. With a joint use of new units we not only form new qualities, but also enhance existing ones. The variety of living space and common space gives a wide range of different usage scenarios that support the new residents as well as the surrounding community.


The idea is to create living space for refugees as well as integrate them into the neigherbourhood communitiy. At the same time, the concept aims at facilitating the daily live of residents and promoting a rich community spirit.