Land - Negotiating Density

Nowadays, most urban developments invade and substitute completely the existing rural and natural environments. Streets for cars and big housing investments saturate more and more the land where nature can only find a place isolated in these poor and discontinuous built monocultures. Only the political sphere and big capital investments take important decision in the production of our cities. This dual partnership defines everything and the interest of communities, citizens and nature are completely subordinated to it.

Could we think in an open source city, an accessible land to a big range of agents, which is able to coexist in peace and harmony with natural environments without loosing density, compactness and a rich mixture of functions?

Through its experience in collaborative urban processes, the office of architecture and urbanism ‘Arenas Basabe Palacios’ displays an alternative model of urban planning in order to define a negotiated city subjected to criticism from different interests, needs and demands for the production of more democratic and ecological urban fabrics.

Luis Palacios Labrador, Arenas Basabe Palacios, Madrid


Vortragsreihe Urban Eco Communities

Prof. Dr. Anupama Kundoo | Alba Balmaseda Dominguez

Institut für Raumkonzeptionen und Grundlagen des Entwerfens (IRGE)


Donnerstag, 6.12.2018 um 18.00 Uhr | Keplerstraße 11, Raum 3.08